Leveraging Robotics to Jumpstart the Customer Journey

Posted: 05/04/2017

Don’t just automate for efficiency – leverage robotic automation to jumpstart your customer journey transformation

“With robotic automation, we realized significant annual savings, reduced average handle time and minimized training requirements for our CSRs." -Telecom Customer - $18 M cost avoidance, $2M in value creation.

Increasingly organizations are adopting enterprise transformation strategies to improve customer experience and profitability while reducing cost to serve, and many are rapidly turning to robotic automation to accelerate their transformation journey.   But let’s be real, “I want to talk to a robot!” said no customer ever when looking to engage with your organization.   Your customers aren’t looking for “automation” but rather, the right experience to serve their need at the right time.  How are you supporting your customers in their moments of need?

Join us for a conversation moderated by Ying Chen, Head of Product Marketing Pega 7 Platform, with Eric Musser, Managing Director of Robotics & Workforce Intelligence (formerly CEO of OpenSpan) and Jeff Nicholson, Head of Product Marketing CRM, to understand the impacts of Robotic Automation on customer engagement, end-to-end customer journey, how to optimize and extend your robotic automation to jumpstart the process, but more importantly, how to continue on the transformation journey.

Key Topics Include:

  • Success stories of organizations that have made the leap
  • Places within the journey to inject robotic automation
  • Actionable plan that allows you to get started in the next 30 days

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