RPA & AI Live 2017 – Round up

Vartul Mittal
Posted: 07/27/2017

RPA & AI Live 2017 – The largest digital event platform providing hand-picked case studies and thought leadership presentations on RPA & AI

Vartul Mittal delves into the hugh impact created by RPA & AI Live 2017 Event

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Many consider RPA as the ‘new kid on the block’ when compared with the better known process management and automation systems. The reality is, businesses have been utilising RPA for many years to help drive business automation and efficiency. Major organisations are starting to integrate RPA solutions into their IT ecosystems and those that haven’t are seriously considering the option. There’s tremendous pressure on companies to produce more for less. This requires the mindset, culture and toolset for which Process Excellence is well known – further enabled by recent advances in Business Process Automation.

Well, I have had the privilege to be associated with the Process Excellence Exchange (PEX) for many years now. PEX network has been successful in educating people with the diverse frameworks of process excellence and I did have the privilege to participate in a range of RPA & AI events, organised by the PEX network in USA and UK in Year 2016 and Year 2017.

I recently had an opportunity of taking on a very special role on at RPA Live and co-chairing/co-hosting a few of the sessions. It has been officially the largest RPA/AI digital event globally in terms of reach and participation.

All of the live webinar case study presentations with a client, followed by a solution demonstration and Q&A session were insightful and helped participants from all over the world learn from seasoned RPA practitioners.

Further, the online event series was instrumental in connecting the international community, to discuss and debate the opportunities and challenges for RPA on a regional and global scale.

I wish these events can be organised more frequently with presentations from seasoned leaders who have started their automation journey much earlier and in turn can help the various RPA & AI adopters implement automation projects successfully with estimated benefit realisation.

Watch the all sessions on demand for a limited time at www.rpa-live.com.

Vartul Mittal
Posted: 07/27/2017


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