RPA & Artificial Intelligence
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Contributor: Ian Hawkins
Posted: Fri, 05/11/2018
AI Robot
RPA and AI are useful pieces of technology - whatever size business you are in. We look at how the technology can be deployed to solve problems, how to decide which approach is right for your organization and why now is a great time to get the right help for a changing world. Full Content »
Contributor: Ian Hawkins
Posted: Fri, 05/04/2018
IAFS 2018
We've heard a lot about IA, but who's actually using it? What benefits are they getting? And what sort of future are businesses delivering today? Our survey report gives a global snapshot of IA in Financial Services 2018. Full Content »
Contributor: Ian Hawkins
Posted: Thu, 04/19/2018
Ian Hawkins
The Editor's view from PEX Europe Spring 2018: is managing people is still important in a digital world? Full Content »
Contributor: PEX Network Reports
Posted: Tue, 03/20/2018
Artificial intelligence is poised to have a huge impact in automating business process management – including streamlining efficiency and creativity, and anticipating roadblocks to growth. This paper from K2 explains why businesses need to capture and sort data now to power their AI ventures in the future. Full Content »
Contributor: PEX Network Reports
Posted: Mon, 03/05/2018
There was a time when simply implementing automation technology in your enterprise put you a step ahead of the competition. These days, business and IT leaders everywhere understand the necessity of automating processes. Your competitive edge hinges not on whether you automate, but how you do it.An automation center of excellence (COE) includes... Full Content »
Contributor: PEX Network Reports
Posted: Wed, 02/28/2018
This PEX Network report explores how Nordics based businesses and the public sector are progressing with adoption and implementation of intelligent automation and artificial intelligence. Full Content »
Contributor: Arianna Aryel Ramos
Posted: Mon, 02/26/2018
One of the most frequently discussed topics among business professionals today is undoubtedly Artificial Intelligence (AI). Although the potential benefits of AI are well known, what preparation is necessary to make implementing this technology a truly competitive advantage for the enterprise? Full Content »
Contributor: Pedro Robledo
Posted: Thu, 02/15/2018
Pedro Robledo
BPM 2018 - how will it be different from 2017 and what are the top 10 BPM industry trends that will shape the future of process management?The BPM industry has continued its growth of two digits during the past year, responding to the corporate need for better process management in continuous improvement, optimization, governance, risk mitigation... Full Content »
Contributor: Stacy Irish
Posted: Wed, 01/31/2018
OPEX awards 1
I’m excited to announce the winners for the PEX Network Awards 2018 as selected by our expert judges. Thank you to everyone who entered! Winners for each category were announced at OPEX week in Orlando, Florida. Full Content »
Contributor: PEX Network Reports
Posted: Tue, 01/30/2018
PEX Network Reports
McKinley Irvin is one of the largest divorce and family law firms in the Northwest US. As the organization continued to grow, they sought a solution to replace slow paper-intensive processes. In addition, an email approvals process made tracking proposals very difficult, resulting in employees being diverted from focusing on their clients. Read... Full Content »
Contributor: Katie Sadler
Posted: Mon, 01/29/2018
Over the course of her two-decades-long career with Swiss Re, learning from the perspective of nine different roles has propelled Cyndi Creamer to the top of her career. Full Content »
88 results
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