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Podcasting is one of the fast growing forms of new media

PEX Network Staff
Posted: 11/10/2017


Podcasting is one of the fast growing forms of new media with over 51 million regular listeners in the US alone. And that figure is growing at 20% a year.

Each week the B2BiQ Podcast Network discusses ingenuity, inspiration, leadership, and precisely what has brought each subject to this moment in time.

Our PEX Network Podcasts reach educated, affluent and mobile listeners every month who are open to hearing your brand message in a singularly intimate format when your customers want it.

B2BiQ host Seth Adler works with you to ensure that he understands the key points of your message and weaves your message into your read. Your message should add to the dialogue as opposed to simply present a hard sell B2BiQ is only interested in the best and brightest for our audience.

B2BiQ reaches members from the AIIA, PEX, CX, CCW and SSON Networks offering unique access to close to 400,000 members worldwide of our online communities as well as access to over 500,000 social media followers

Our members are a senior level audience that’s hungry for the latest insight in the most accessible format possible that fits into their hectic lifestyles.

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PEX Network Staff
Posted: 11/10/2017