25-26 JANUARY, 2016

Tough market conditions demand it

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OPEX Oil & Gas Open House

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The need for operational excellence in oil and gas has never been greater. Yet achieving higher levels of performance while simultaneously reducing headcount, overhead and capital projects can be challenging.  Wouldn’t it be incredible to have an opportunity to hear firsthand from world class performers how they are leveraging OE to generate more cash and bolster investor returns –and better yet without ever having to leave your office? 
OpEx in Oil and Gas Open House, which is a free online event that you can ‘attend’ from your desk, will help you learn through our hand-picked case studies how your peers in the Oil and Gas industry are using Operational Excellence  to improve business performance, reduce risk and build a sustainable culture of operational discipline.  
You’ll come away with fresh ideas, through real life case studies, to communicate to your executive team immediately.

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Events Highlights

The live presentations, from January 25-26, 2016, will run for two hours each day. Each session will share in their 40 minute case study on how they have achieved true ‘operational excellence’.

This is followed by a five to fifteen minute question and answer session, so you can get an instant response from these world leading organizations. You'll get the essential overview live with your peers with minimal investment of your time.

Our hand-picked and vetted speaker panel will be presenting directly to you via your computer. From the comfort of your home or office, you can listen and watch the presentations in real-time, and interact with the speaker and other process professionals in the oil and gas industry.

By Attending You Will Get:

  • A better understanding of how market leaders are closing the OE gap
  • A first hand look at how these world class oil and gas companies have made permanent, sustained improvements – including the challenges they faced and overcame along the way!
  • The opportunity to ask questions in an open forum
  • The chance to share this experience with your peers

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How it works

It's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3.

  1. Simply register for this free event.
  2. Save the date in your diary so you can join the live sessions
  3. Wait to receive the live link. Click this and you will be invited to join the live online webinar sessions.

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Operational Excellence as part of your Cultural DNA: Improving Turnaround Execution Performance

Yogesh Gupta
John Agoston

This webinar will give attendees insights into the impact of Operational Excellence on organizational and cultural DNA including Navigant’s employable methodologies to translate the business strategy into improved operational productivity.

The session will address:

•    Key steps of making Operational Excellence as part of your corporation DNA
•    Areas for translating TAR plans to efficient and effective executions and sustainability
•    Linking Operational Excellence to Business Needs and Objectives
•    Employable strategic scorecards and metrics for improving operational productivity

Attendees will learn how culture and organizational DNA impact the success of an operational excellence program.  

Suitable for Senior Operating Executives, Continuous Improvement Leadership, Turnaround and Planning Execution Managers.


Yogesh Gupta, Associate Director, Navigant

John Agoston, Director, Navigant

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A Roadmap for Effective Process Safety Management

Todd Lunsford

Catastrophic process safety events (PSEs) continue to occur at a disturbing rate and are increasing in severity.  However, allocating resources to improve process safety is a major challenge in today’s environment of lower operating margins, aging equipment, increasing regulatory pressure, and an ever-changing workforce.  

In this webinar IHS will discuss a roadmap for effective process safety management, including ways to can increase risk visibility, drive consistent process execution, and develop a learning-minded organization.

Attendees will take away:

1.    How to capitalize on learning & continuous improvement opportunities from process safety activities.
2.    The role technology should play in enabling risk visibility, process execution, and learning.
3.    The critical elements and timeline for building a successful PSM program.


Todd Lunsford, Solution Engineering Manager, IHS

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Weathering the Perfect Storm: A multi-generational approach to accelerating Operational Excellence

Kim Huggins

Captains of industry keep a watchful eye on economic forecasts. But what happens when market volatility collides with a shortage of skilled labor and a pending wave of retirements? It’s the perfect storm, brewing.  Some interesting facts:

•    Many workers delayed retirement during the recession and many employees who are between the ages of 45 and 64 will retire within the next two decades.
•    An increasing percent of occupations are held by Millennials (25-34 year olds), and the numbers are growing.
•    Add in Gen X (34 – 50 year olds) and Gen Z who will join the workforce shortly, and you have four distinct employee groups, each bringing a unique set of core values, characteristics, learning styles and experience levels.
This creates leadership challenges never before seen.

This session prepares leadership to take the helm of a multi-generational workforce.  Topics include:      
1.    Descriptions of generational groups, and what is important to them in the workplace
2.    How generational issues impact business and effect the bottom line
3.    3 simple strategies to create a work environment that’s attractive to all generations    


Kim Huggins, Senior Principal, CLG

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Meet Your Speakers

Yogesh Gupta

Yogesh Gupta


Dr. Yogesh Gupta is an Associate Director in the Strategy and Operations' Performance Improvement team within the Energy Practice. Yogesh brings more than 13 years of strategy, operations, commercial and transactional experience with a specific focus on business and strategy consulting, capital project excellence, operational readiness programs, operational excellence, asset management, Lean Six-Sigma and operational modelling.

John Agoston

John Agoston


Director in Navigant’s Energy Practice leading performance excellence and operational excellence within the Oil and Gas sector and more broadly across Energy Strategy and Operations. He has more than 20 years of experience in business transformations and strategy that leverage operational excellence, continuous improvement and process excellence programs for sustainable bottom line value to clients.

Todd Lunsford

Todd Lunsford


Todd serves as an Operational Excellence (OE) project advisor to IHS customers, enabling them to make critical decisions using the insights gained from their business process data using IHS systems. 

He also manages a team of solution engineers who are responsible for assessing business problems pertaining to Operational Excellence, Risk Management, Environment, Health, and Safety, and providing solutions to make transformational business improvements

Kim Huggins

Kim Huggins


Kim is a nationally recognized consultant, speaker and author in the area of understanding the generations. Her book, GENerate Performance! Unleashing the Power of a Multigenerational Workforce has been cited as an invaluable leadership tool for any business wanting to attract and retain talent.  Kim’s diverse background includes holding senior human resource positions within various industries, as well as owning and running a successful consulting business. She worked with clients in the oil and gas, healthcare, biotechnology, and financial industries.

Kim has a passion for driving business strategy and is well-regarded for her enthusiastic approach, focus on execution, and extensive experience in generational diversity, change execution, leadership development and coaching, organizational development, and employee engagement.

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