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Big Data Open House 2015

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Big Data is now firmly bedded into our business landscape and there have been many success stories of how best to implement your Big Data strategy and what the specific requirements are for optimum success. We have hand-picked a series of different case studies from leading global organizations that will reveal what the project objectives were, how they were achieved and the results produced.

Big Data Open House will allow you to watch the case studies providing unmissable insight into how these selected organizations achieved great success in this free to attend online event. The value of Big Data has been seen through more accurate analysis and therefore confident decision making resulting in greater operational efficiencies, cost reductions and reduced risk which will is reflected in our hand-picked case studies.

This event is right for you if you’re looking to learn:

  • What Big Data can do for your organization
  • How Best to Implement Big Data Strategies
  • What Big Data solution options are available to you to implement

You’ll get:

  • A better understanding of what Big Data solutions can do for you through case studies
  • A first hand look at how they look and work
  • The opportunity to ask questions in an open forum
  • To share this experience with your peers

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How it works

It's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3.

1. Simply register for this free event.
2. Save the date in your diary so you can join the live sessions
3. Wait to receive the live link. Click this and you will be invited to join the live webinar sessions.

Studies have shown that those who continuously participate in knowledge sharing, learning and networking opportunities are more likely to leverage their performance, develop better business relationships and become more engaged in their work.
So here's how it all works:

The live presentations, from November 31 will run for two hours each day. Each session will start with a Big Data case study presented by our selceted organization sharing their 40 minute case study on how they have maximized the ROI of their Big Data investment in practice. This is value added insight in to how your peers have made Big Data work for them.

This is followed by a five minute supplier 101. A fast paced ten minute pitch with the software solution provider - they share what makes their product or service unique. You'll get the essential overview live with your peers with minimal investment of your time.

Our hand-picked and vetted speaker panel will be presenting directly to you via your computer. From the comfort of your home or office, you can listen and watch the presentations in real-time, and interact with the speaker and other process professionals that share similar Big Data challenges.

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Day One: Big Data Open House 2015 > Session 1

Laurent Michel

[CASE STUDY] How a Tier 1 Operator Successfully Implements a Big Data Strategy

this case study will give you a big data recipe for success. The insights provided will showcase how to transform network data into profitable information with real-field use cases.
Key case study takeaways:
  • How to cope with privacy issues?
  • Should you start with a generic Big data platform or a specific use case?
  • Is there a ROI behind every use-case?
  • Is Hadoop the sole Big Data solution?

[TECH DEMO] Free Location Data Exploration

This short demonstration will show how quick and easy it is to explore huge amounts of data to derive valuable insights.

Three core focal points will center on:
  • Performance
  • Easy-to-use
  • Actionable


Laurent Michel, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Intersec

Available Now

Day One: Big Data Open House 2015 > Session 2

Madhukar Kumar

[CASE STUDY] Context Brokerage - The Next Evolution in Big Data

In order to elevate data to information businesses need to apply context to data. Learn how context brokerage applied on a Data Platform as a Service (dPaaS) can solve challenges posed by the traditional data management methodologies.
Key case study takeaways:
  • What is context brokerage?
  • Data Platform as a Service (dPaaS) and how it uses schema on read to apply context and model on data at consumption time.
  • How kappa architecture is applied in a unified integration and data management platform.

[TECH DEMO] ALLOY: A Data Platform as a Service (dPaaS)

The demo will show how ALLOY, a dPaaS can be used to solve a complex marketing challenge of assimilating data from different sources and producing insights using self-service data apps.
Attendees will learn:
  • Unified integration and data management;
  • Full visibility into data (data about data and data);
  • Self-service data apps on top of Big Data repository; andModeling data at consumption time.


Madhukar Kumar, VP, Products, Liaison Technologies

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About the Organizer

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Laurent Michel

Laurent Michel


Laurent Michel is Chief Marketing Officer at Intersec. For the last 20 years, he has successfully worked in mobile and internet business, in France and abroad, with responsibilities including product management, strategic partnerships and marketing. He is a highly skilled executive, specialized in developing new businesses in high-tech services. Thanks to a mix of curiosity and pragmatism, he has been able to assess complex markets and successfully manage challenging projects.

Madhukar Kumar

Madhukar Kumar

Liaison Technologies

Madhukar Kumar is Vice President of Products at Liaison Technologies. Madhukar brings more than 14 years of experience developing and managing web and SaaS solutions at large and small companies. Most recently, Madhukar was VP of Product Management at HP Software, where he was responsible for product portfolio strategy, roadmap, and held P&L responsibility for their portfolio of offerings including the web experience management suite and cloud managed services. His prior engagements have included executive roles at Autonomy, Interwoven, Zuora, and Sumtotal. Madhukar holds an MS in Software Engineering and an MS in Mass Communications from Kansas State University as well as a BA from Delhi University.


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