Ivan Seselj

Ivan Seselj is CEO of Promapp, an industry leading provider of cloud-based process management (BPM) software for creating and managing business processes online. You can contact him at ivan.seselj@promapp.com or follow him at @Ivanseselj. You can visit Promapp at www.promapp.com.

Ivan Seselj, CEO of Promapp, discusses the need to shift the language of change, our business processes, into useful information so that everyone can join the process improvement conversation....Full Article »
Process ROT creeps in when established business processes become hampered by Redundant, Obsolete and Trivial (ROT) information. It's something that’s happening within large numbers of organizations, yet many aren’t aware until it’s already well-established, and negatively impacting their teams...Full Article »
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One of the top challenges process practitioners face is creating and retaining engagement in process improvement.  Many process improvement leads struggle to get business teams to use and, even better, to suggest improvements to processes.In fact, in research conducted by Promapp, 44% of companies said that few to none of their processes are...Full Article »
The Process Bulldog is a lynchpin role at the heart of a healthy process culture . This role is the connection layer of your process governance structure - linking the vision of the leadership team with the creativity of the process owners and participants, the people who are involved in process challenges every day. Every organization needs one....Full Article »
Controlling process variations is a complex and costly challenge for many organizations. This is a growing issue particularly for organizations with a need for slight variations to their standard processes to meet the requirements of a specific location, product or customer. Ivan Seselj, CEO and founder of Promapp, shares 7 steps organizations can...Full Article »
Why is it that some organizations successfully do more with less? Why can some teams improve their productivity over time, and outstrip the competition, while similar organizations in the same industry struggle? Ivan Seselj, CEO and founder of Promapp, suggests the differentiator for success may be an organization's process culture and...Full Article »