Dax Lovegrove

As Head of Business and Industry for 7 years, Dax manages WWF-UK's business engagement strategy while identifying opportunities for converging business and environmental interests. Dax also works with colleagues across WWF’s network in its international endeavours with business and industry.

He has been heavily involved in providing guidance for corporate sustainability strategies within a number of key business sectors including energy, finance, food and beverages, ICT, retail, travel, and media.

Before joining WWF, Dax worked in the private sector for ten years as a consultant in public relations, ICT, travel and personal finance industries and at various companies including American Express.

Dax holds a Masters in Sustainable Development, which looked at the social and environmental impacts of world economic policies, disasters and development, participatory development, land management and NGO-business interactions.

Leading companies increasingly understand how man-made impacts present new business risks and are starting to adapt business practices, writes Dax Lovegrove, Head of Business and Industry at WWF. But, he says, many companies aren't doing enough....Full Article »