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Still life
If your best-laid plans stay on the drawing board rather than spring to life, you need to know what's going wrong - and put it right. John W Moran PhD demonstrates a simple and effective four stage process to take good ideas out of the meeting room and into practice.
This week's pick of the podcast showcases the huge diversity of talent and scope of PEX around the world.
Coffee splash
Big ideas sometimes fall apart on the ground; but it's hard to take a broad overview when you're mired in the everyday. We look at some examples of how processes can be adapted for variance.
AI Robot
RPA and AI are useful pieces of technology - whatever size business you are in. We look at how the technology can be deployed to solve problems, how to decide which approach is right for your organization and why now is a great time to get the right help for a changing world.
Tags: AI | RPA | Scaleability
This week’s pick of the podcasts takes a customer’s-eye view of Process Excellence. Talking to some of PEX's leading lights, we cover banking, hotels, and the Olympics.
Jaren Nichols
Technology doesn't have to be the preserve of big organizations; powerful website and accounting software is now in the hands of businesses of all sizes. Jaren from ZipBooks gives top tips on what to demand from your new tech.
The Editor takes the best of the PEX Podcasts on the theme of transformation.
What can a comedian, a tobacconist and an insurance salesman tell us about process? A transparent process can deepen your relationship with your customer - but you still want to keep things moving efficiently. Sometimes, outsourcing tasks to the customer can remove hard-to-automate processes - but the customer will expect to see this reflected in the price.
In a rapidly changing world, the solution that we pick today will not serve our purposes indefinitely; we look at how the process focus needs to be enhanced to reap the benefits of the rapidly evolving technological landscape.
Ian Hawkins
How has crime changed in the last quarter century? The surprising impact of PEX, how technology is changing the landscape - and what governments should be doing to police the frontier of cyber crime.
915 All results
of 92