IQPC and Pharma IQ Conferences

IQPC produces various local and global pharmaceutical events on an annual basis. Some flagship IQPC Pharma events include Partnerships for Drug Delivery, Adaptive Designs for Clinical Drug Development, Transportation and Transfer of Biologicals & Biological Agents, Contract Manufacturing for Pharmaceuticals & Biotech, Software Design for Medical Devices, Asthma and COPD, Six Sigma for Biotech, Pharma and Medical Device Excellence, Biobanking Conference, Cold Chain Distribution for Pharmaceuticals, Patient Compliance & Patient information, Global Clinical Outsourcing, Integrated Pediatric Drug Development, Vaccines R&D, Market Access & Stakeholder Management, Global Pharma Authentication, Immunogenicity, Prediction, Detection and Effective Assay Development, Temperature Controlled Transportation, BioPatent Design and Innovation in Phase I Clinical Development among others. At IQPC's Pharma events, pharmaceutical professionals from various industries assemble to discuss pharmaceutical issues share insight and learn industry best practices to enhance their execution of their pharma-related initiatives.

IQPC, Pharma IQ and Industry Learning

Pharma IQ enables IQPC to offer pharma industry professionals a sundry of media resources to supplement their pharma industry learning. To achieve this, IQPC works to integrate the learning at our offline events with the material provided online. Through Pharma IQ, IQPC provides pharmaceutical professionals with knowledge before they attend our pharma events and information to help them further solidify their industry learning once the event ends. Pharma IQ gives professionals free access to articles, blogs, podcasts and pharma video presentations. Additionally, IQPC offers webinars and accredited seminars, which are hosted by knowledgeable industry experts. These pharma seminars are geared towards providing pharma professionals with greater insight into the issues and challenges they face daily, as well as to help them as they prepare for industry certification examinations.

IQPC, Pharma IQ and Professional Relationship Building

IQPC's Pharma events also provide pharma professionals who attend with the advantage of meeting and interacting with their pharma industry peers. IQPC recognizes the value of networking at these events. However, we also know that it can be challenging to absorb all the information supplied at events while networking in a meaningful way. We addresses the networking challenge through the Pharma IQ forum where we give event attendees the venue and tools to continue to cultivate the peer relationships they develop at our Pharma events. On Pharma IQ, you are able network with your industry peers as you ask questions, answer those that you can, discuss and debate at will. The opportunities for interaction are virtually limitless and only further cemented by your ability to create topic-based Pharma interest groups for deeper exploration and insight. From offering Pharma events, to offering informational webinars, Pharma IQ is the best resources for pharmaceutical information today.

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